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How is the diner pizza?

The pizza is amazing and fills you upm

Any gluten free options?

There are a few. They dont have bread substitutes but they do have gluten free food

how long has route 99 been in edmonton

95 sounds about right before it was a restaurant it was a gas station ... the old school kind with a couple of bays where the mechanics do repairs

A friend suggested this Dinner to me and said be ready possibly for a wait to be seated. My questions are... How busy is it at dinner time? Is there a day that dinner might not be a wait to get food? Thanks

Only time to be consider is breakfast / brunch time on weekends. Otherwise you're good to go!

What the number

(780) 432 - 0968

Do they do all day breakfast?

Yep all day long

Do they take reservations?

Not normally but call and I'm sure they will accommodate you!

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